Pesaq 2021-22

Rustic white
Limited edition

Alcohol: 4%

Belgian-inspired white wine (witbier) flavored with larch sprouts, dune pepper and raspberry sprouts. Fermented first with Belgian yeast, the beer underwent a second fermentation by two strains of Brettanomyces Bruxellensis bringing funky notes to the finished product.
Pesaq, which means “It’s snowing” in the Micmac language, is an off-piste ski hill located in Gaspé.

Texture: Dry

Main flavors: Brettée, wild, forest aromas.

Possible pairings: white fish, garden salad, brie

Pesaq 2021-22
Alcohol by volume: Light
Colour: Yellow straw
Flavour: Fruity - Malty - Tart / sour
Availability: Limited Quantity
Format : 473ml can

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