Perséides 1

Spontaneous Fermentation
Spontaneous fermentation

Alcohol: 5,5%

Spontaneous fermentation, first beer of this type to come out in Quebec. Light beer from spontaneous fermentation in the open air and refined for a year and a half in Whiskey barrels. Spontaneous fermentation is a type of fermentation used in brewing beer. Unlike high and low fermentations, it does not require the addition of yeast to the must because, being exposed to the open air, it is sown with wild yeasts.

Date of sale: November 3th, 2017

Perséides 1
Alcohol by volume: Standard
Colour: Yellow gold
Flavour: Floral - Tart / sour - Wood
Availability: Sold out
Format : 375 ml bottle
Acidity: 11.34g/L

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