Pointe O’Hara


Alcohol: 10%

Blend of a barley wine that has matured in acerum barrels from the St-Laurent distillery, blended with a young beer of the same style. Sweet beer despite the high alcohol percentage. Aroma complexes.

Pointe O’Hara, located in the heart of Gaspé, is named in honor of Félix O’Hara, one of the first English-speaking pioneers of the peninsula. Long quays were home to several warehouses and shops bursting with life. Everything was demolished in the 1970s to build a boulevard and a shopping center.

Dominant flavors: rum, wood, maple, barley sugar, cereals very present.

Release date: December 16, 2021

Pointe O’Hara
Alcohol by volume: Extra-strong
Colour: Brown
Flavour: Malty - Sugary - Wood
Availability: Limited Quantity
Format : 500 ml bottle

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