Double IPA

Alcohol: 8%

A cloudy and flavourful strong ale, this New England Double IPA has intense citrus fruit notes. The L’Arlequin is named after one of the at-risk and vulnerable species that fly over the Gaspé Peninsula twice a year as they migrate. Harlequin Ducks (“Arlequin” in French) are sea ducks that leave their saltwater habitats in the spring to reproduce in freshwater rivers. Harlequin Ducks are an endangered species on the Atlantic Coast, including on the Gaspé Peninsula.

Texture: veiled

Main flavors: tropical forest, citrus, honeyed cereals

Food pairing: Chili, green curry, salsa

Alcohol by volume: Strong
Colour: Copper
Flavour: Bitter - Fruity
Availability: Year-round depending on stock
Format : 473ml can

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