La Gaspésienne #13

Robust Porter

Alcohol: 6,2%

Bitterness: Light (21 IBU)

A robust porter-style dark ale, the La Gaspésienne #13 has a soft, full-bodied chocolatey flavour with coffee aromas. This ale was named to celebrate the work of Gaspésian fishermen. Numbered 1–50, fishing boats named “Gaspésiennes” populated the St. Lawrence River during the cod fishing period. Boat number 13 was never built due to superstitions surrounding the number!

Texture: Cream

Intensity: Sustained

Food pairing: Steak on the grill, semi-cooked chocolate cake, wild fruit tart

GOLD Medal at the 2017 World Beer Awards
SILVER Medal at the 2019 Brussels Beer Challenge
SILVER medal at the 2011 Canadian Brewing Awards
BRONZE Medal at the 2015 Australian International Beer Awards
SILVER Medal at World Beer Idol 2016
SILVER Medal at the 2016 Brussels Beer Challenge
GOLD medal at Brussel Beer Challenge 2020 (Belgium)
La Gaspésienne #13
Availability: Year-round
Colour: Black
Flavour: Burnt toffee - roasted - Sugary
Alcohol by volume: Strong
Format : 500 ml bottle