La Fourche-à-IDA


Alcohol: 6.2%

Very fruity and light on the palate, New England-inspired beer. This first version is cold hopped with Citra and Eldorado. The hops will change with each brew according to the arrival of the moment.

Dominant flavors: Notes of orange, papaya and mango are present

Tribute: This beer is a tribute to an Ida Fugère who was able to shake up the standards present at the time and for the good of all business women. As a woman entrepreneur, she was a pioneer in a field that was generally run by men. Born in 1878 in Maria, she opened her own mattress manufacturing workshop as well as a sales store in her native municipality. In order to get to the store as well as to get to the 2nd row, the citizens of Maria had to take a road exit (commonly known as a “fork”). Hence the name of the “Fourche à Ida” which owned the land around this exit.

Release date: May 24th, 2022

La Fourche-à-IDA
Alcohol by volume: Strong
Colour: Yellow gold
Flavour: Bitter - Fruity - Sugary
Availability: Year-round depending on stock
Format : 473ml can