Cuvée Edras


Alcohol: 7% abv

Pale farmhouse style beer with added Riesling wort at the end of fermentation. It was 100% matured in barrels of French Chardonnay for three months.

Tribute to the people who cultivate the interior lands of Gaspésie. A nod to Esdras Minville who set up a cooperative agroforestry model in the 1940s in Grande-Vallée.

Main flavors: Sour, vinous, woody, funky, slightly bitter

Release date: January 24, 2022

Storage: 6-12 months

Cuvée Edras
Alcohol by volume: Strong
Colour: Yellow straw
Flavour: Farm - Tart / sour - Wood
Availability: Limited Quantity
Format : 500 ml bottle

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