île aux hérons


Alcohol: 7%

Pale farmhouse-type farmhouse beer, partially aged in red wine barrels (half of the batch matured in the barrels that contained Walter Gustave du Beaubonnet). Mixture of Belgian seasonal yeasts and Brettanomyces and acidifying bacteria. Inspired by Île-aux-Herons located in the Baie des Chaleurs, once inhabited by the Mi’gmaq and then by loyalists until 1940 and now protected.

Main flavors: Funky, farmy, tangy, cereal, slightly woody

Release date: December 22, 2021

Shelf life: 6 months and more

île aux hérons
Alcohol by volume: Strong
Colour: Yellow straw
Flavour: Farm - Tart / sour - Wood
Availability: Limited Quantity
Format : 500 ml bottle